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HyperSkill Studio


* HyperSkill is a product of SimInsights. To learn more, view

HyperSkill is a no-code 3D simulation authoring software for both Virtual and Augmented Reality. HyperSkill was created to enable instructional designers to create immersive training content without having to learn programming. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to author VR/AR content, publish it to various devices and audiences and collect and visualize experience data. Users can unlock the value of existing CAD and 3D assets by converting them into interactive virtual objects securely stored in the cloud. These virtual objects can enrich training and assessment. HyperSkill supports xAPI so that content creators can use xAPI to log and report data and fine grained metrics related to content and learner proficiency on targeted knowledge and skills.

Role: Unity Developer (Jun 2020 - Now)

Platform: Desktop/Web/Oculus Quest/iPad/Hololens 

Engine: Unity 3D 

Language: C# 


Architected and built HyperSkill, a no-code, cross platform 3D simulation software with Unity 3D:

• Designed and developed the State machine system following client request from PwC & AWS, constructed the node & edge graph authoring interface & state action logic tree.

• Improved the dialog simulation system and co-leads the client project of UCLA Health, by implementing the required features and delivered a series of WebGL simulations with 500+ user scale per month.

• Optimized the simulation caching system by refactoring the simulation download pipeline and creating APIs to communicate with MySQL & S3 server.

• Led the migration of HyperSkill to iOS, built the iPad based interaction interface for general 3D and AR mode and submitted to the App store.

• Revamped the VR simulation authoring mode, implemented Lip Sync and hand tracking system for Quest and submitted to the Oculus app store.

• Initiated in developing HyperSkill features including .json error handling, user configuration, assets bundle packaging and TTS/NLP module integration.

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