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block party


Block Party is an ETC project focused on making a mixed reality interactive LEGO installation at the Hunt Library. We want to create a playful and inspiring space for library users to be able to take a break during what is often a busy or stressful time. Our goal is to allow new insights and shared learnings to organically occur in a collaborative and fun setting. The vision is an experience that utilizes emerging technologies to augment the inherent creative qualities of the LEGO medium, providing an open-ended challenge that guests can tinker with to renew their curiosity for learning.


Graphics developer, gameplay developer, game designer
Teammates: 1 developer, 1 3D artist, 1 2D artist, 1 designer

Platform: Unity, Kinect, OpenCV

Engine: Unity 3D 

Language: C#   

Time: 14 Week

To avoid redundancy, I will link our project website here.

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