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EmpowerUp has been tasked with developing a workshop experience to support a more inclusive game industry. We created a workshop experience during COVID-19 to empower students going into the game industry, by giving them a strong foundation to succeed and helping them identify as allies to help their peers.

Our highest priorities are increasing our player’s knowledge of workplace issues prior to going into the industry and ensuring they have a lasting investment to change that and make it better.

Our goal is to provide a game along with facilitated reflection moments, activities, and discussions. By the end of the workshop, we expect a successful outcome of participants being able to: recognize the signs of peers that need help, recognize allies, and act as effective allies for others.


Web-app developer, Desktop gameplay developer, co-producer
Teammates: 1 developer, 1 3D artist, 3 designers

Platform: Unity, Photon 

Language: C#   

Time: 14 Week

To avoid redundancy, I will link our project website here.

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