Cube dash is my first Building Virtual World development assignment. In the experience, guest controls a flexible cube exploring a huge world, rotating and jumping to travel through maps and achieve goals. 


Programmer, Map & UI/UX & Mechanic Designer, 3D Modeler, Animator

Other Teammates: None (Solo Assignment)

Platform: PC  |  Engine: Unity 3D  |  Language: C#  |  Time: 1 Week

Project Requirement: 

This is the first  Building Virtual World Course in Entertainment Technology Center(CMU-ETC).  In the first assignment, students build a world on their own WITHOUT ANY LIMITATION.

Development Process: 

· Without limitation in-game design process, I choose to build a slow-paced world with a high degree of freedom. 

· Since this is a one-person project with the time limit of one week, I choose to portrait the main character as a cube without rigging or complex animation. Instead, I used particle effects,  sound effects, and animations from Animator Controller in Unity to show the flexibility and bounciness of the cube. 

​· In order to build fluent and intuitive gaming experience, I imitated the operation system of camera view from traditional third-person games. I fulfilled the controller of the cube, including fluent rotating by mouse and keyboard and jumping system with accumulative power. 

​· Besides, I also build the camera motion controller of rotating, zooming in and out, position reset and the fluent tracking animation of the cube when jumping. 

· With a simple and intuitive controlling system, I designed and developed different mechanics for the guest to achieve goals. 

· From the perspective of naive guests, I regard the tutorial as a necessary part of the game. Therefore I created a tutorial scene for guests, using the subtitle narrator communicating with the guest, which build an immersive environment for story background and give brief introductions of the controlling system and core mechanics at the same time. 

· In order to fit the pixelized theme, I used the voxel modeling software MagicaVoxel to design and build models in the scene, and designed simple animation with Unity Animation Controller. 

· Because of the time limitation, I made a few levels and connect them together with the Main Menu Scene. Every scene has a different winning requirement, guests need to follow instructions, trigger special events to reach the next level.