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I'm Jiming Li, a software engineer with 5+ years of Unity3D and XR developing experience. 

With great passion in emerging technology and metaverse architecturing, I gained my interdisciplinary background in Computer Science, UX design, media processing, and game design at Carnegie Mellon University.


I consider myself a passionate, creative and conscientious experience developer.

During my undergraduate major, I gained programming experience through developing cross-platform applications for multi-media processing.

After joining ETC at CMU, I committed to developing immersive and emerging experience in Unity for years, which has enlightened my career target as a XR researcher & developer. 


With the creation, nuanced observation ability​, I am also a UX designer sensitive to user demands.     

I consider it as a designer's responsibility to design creatures combining creativity and rationality.

Observing pain points,  focusing on users' inconveniences and designing tools to solve predicaments can make the world a better place. 


    I am also adept in discovering subtleties in everyday life, presenting stories through camera language and arouse emotion in the audience.

    I regard the film as a more immersive media to experience the emotions that the producer wants to convey.

    With a resonating script, pithy plot and meticulously designed shot list, short films are undoubtedly exquisite artworks.


·   Overwatch

·   Chinese

·   The Matrix

·   Elysian

Still working ...

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